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(Artwork by Monica Cohen courtesy of Barbara Hoff)        
Artwork by Monica Cohen courtesy of Barbara Hoff About the HMPC

In 2003, a group of citizens organized as the Hunt Memorial Preservation Committee, Inc. (or HMPC, as it is frequently called), having as its purpose "to restore and preserve the architectural integrity and historical significance of the Hunt Memorial Building" and "to return it to a combined community/business use in keeping with John R. Hunt's original purpose."

The Hunt Memorial Building and its property are closely tied to the social history of the Village of Ellenville. Through the years, the Liberty Square portico of "The Hunt," and its lawns, have been used for most major community events. Clayton's Band performances have been succeeded by summertime Music in the Square; 9/11 memorial ceremonies fill the Square with firemen and fire equipment; Memorial Day, Veterans Day, the Blueberry/Huckleberry Festival are all annual events and ceremonies that make use of "The Hunt." The "old" library rooms with their tall windows provide excellent daylight for art shows.

The HMPC believes that a building which has served the community-at-large for more than three-quarters of a century is deserving of historic status and preservation.

Thanks to HMPC's efforts, effective 2005, the Hunt Memorial Building on Liberty Square became the first Ellenville building to receive national status as an historic landmark (and has also received state and local landmark designations).

Ellenville's Mayor Jeff Kaplan applauded the Committee for stepping forward and taking on such a project. "One of the things that makes Ellenville different from a lot of communities," says Kaplan, "is that we have a strong base of volunteers willing to come out and do this type of a project."

The HMPC, Inc., is a not-for-profit membership corporation open to anyone who agrees with the organization's purposes. It is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors, three of whom are elected annually for three-year terms at an annual meeting in November. Any member whose dues are paid as of October 1 is entitled to vote at the annual meeting, this year held November 7, in the Community Room of the Ellenville Public Library.

Members of the 2008 Board of Directors are: Marion Dumond (President), Steve Bradley (Vice President), Barbara A.T. Hoff (Recording Secretary), Phyllis Lennert (Correspondence Secretary), Leslie Levine (Treasurer), Kathleen Butler, Mary Ellen Flemming, Phyllis Rubin (Past President), and Stan Rubin. (More contact info is here).

A copy of the current bylaws can be found here.

A copy of the Minutes of the 2004 Annual HMPC Meeting can be found here.

A copy of the Minutes of the 2005 Annual HMPC Meeting can be found here.

A copy of the Minutes of the 2006 Annual HMPC Meeting can be found here.

An Adobe Acrobat copy of the September 2008 Newsletter can be found here.

The HMPC is incorporated, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt membership organization which seeks funding for restoration activities through grants, member items, donations, and activities.

Presentation of grant to HMPC

This is where WE NEED YOU to help us raise funds for restoration costs. NY State Assemblyman Kevin Cahill secured reimbursement funds in the amount of $50,000 for us. The hitch is that we have to pay $50,000 in restoration expenses in order to be reimbursed that amount. That means we have to acquire $50,000 to pay these expenses first. Every dollar that is contributed will go directly to the Roof Replacement expenses.

The Hunt is NOT just a building; it is part of our heritage. It must be protected and restored to its glorious potential. We hope you will support us in this challenge. This is a plea for any amount that you feel comfortable giving. Your contribution will assist in polishing Ellenville's "crown jewel" for generations to come. The Hunt Memorial Preservation Committee, with great faith that the Hunt can "rise again" welcomes members, volunteers in fund raising activities, and donors.

Your tax-deductible donation should be made payable to and mailed to:
HMPC, PO Box 719, Ellenville NY 12428

or go here to make an online donation

For further information, call Phyllis Rubin at 647-7582.

To email HMPC, contact Leslie Levine, Treasurer, at

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