Minutes of the Hunt Memorial Preservation Committee

Annual Meeting November 2, 2006

Present- Pres. P. Rubin, S. Rubin, S. Bradley, E. Aiese, P. Lennert, B. Hoff, M. Dumond and I. Friedman

Guest speaker- Ellenville Village Manager Elliott Auerbach

Absent with notice- I. Rosenthal

Motion made to accept the November 2, 2005 minutes of the HMPC, M. Dumond/J. Beck

Motion to close the nominations of new board members. S. Bradley/S. Rubin, Sec. B. Hoff moved to close the ballot.

HMPC Financial Report- Treas. M. Dumond presented the annual financial report, stating the balance of the Provident Bank as of October 2005 at $23,020.64 and as of November 1, 2006 $25,281.05. The total receipts and balance of $48,301.69 with expenses of $3,919.35. The balance in the Catskill Hudson Bank as of October 31, 2006 is $100.94.

Motion to accept knowledge of the financial report of the HMPC as of November 1, 2006, J. Beck/D. Moore.

Pres. Rubin began the meeting thanking the HMPC board members for their generosity and help this past year. Pres. Rubin told the group of the signing of the management agreement between the HMPC and the Village of Ellenville. E. Aiese gave an update on the HMPC website, stating that donations can now be accepted on the page. D. Moore questioned as to why the website was a .com instead of a .org and stated that .org might be a wiser choice than huntmemorial.com. There were many questions from the floor the first asked was concerning selling of advertising on the website and the second was about linking to other local government sites. Pres. Rubin informed the group of the status of the roof project and the various fund raising events of the past year (dinner dance and the generous help of the Ellenville Noonday Golf tournament). Pres. Rubin then spoke about the HMPC touring the Hudson Opera House, meeting with historic architect Marilyn Kaplan, drafting of the building use form and the first Huntfest. Pres. Rubin stated for the record that by an oversight the membership wasn’t notified that dues were owed. A motion to set aside the payment of dues for 2006 only was made, M. Dumond/S. Rubin.

S. Bradley read the slate of nominations- K. Butler, ME. Flemming, B. Hoff, P. Rubin and I. Friedman-Warner. Pres. Rubin asked if there were any nominations from the floor. Move to set and close the nominations, E. Auerbach/S. Bradley.

New members of the HMPC elected at the November 2006 annual meeting as reported by S. Bradley: B. Hoff, P. Rubin, K. Butler & ME. Flemming.

Village manager E. Auerbach spoke about the grant for the Hunt building acknowledging the help of M. Kaplan. The grant is for $200,000, but Manager Auerbach pointed out it is a matching funds grant. The Village has spent $18,000 to $20,000 in engineering fees and E. Auerbach stated that the Village and the HMPC have taken on the cost of the grant writing project. Manager Auerbach spoke of his personal attachment to the Hunt building and said the Hunt is the beacon of downtown revitalization and the centerpiece of the Village.

Pres. Rubin thanked all for attending and expressed her hope for another successful year for the HMPC and the Hunt building.

Motion to adjourn, D. Rubin/L. Levine.