Minutes of the Hunt Memorial Preservation Committee

Annual Meeting November 3, 2004

HMPC Board members present: Pres. M. Dumond, V. Pres. P. Rubin, Sec. B. Hoff, Treasurer R. Berger, S. Bradley, S. Berger, I. Friedman-Warner and S. Rubin.

Motion to approve minutes of the 2003 meeting, S. Bradley/R. Berger.

Financial Report: Treasurer R. Berger that as of Nov. 3, 2004 the HMPC has funds of $2322.68 in its account.

The meeting began with Pres. Dumond stating that all members should have received an annual report via U.S. Postal Service and requested that the group move on to the election of three expired seats. M. Sheeley, who co-chairs the nominating committee with S Bradley stated that S. Bradley filled the seat of previous board member, R. Matthews, and that also S. Berger and M. Sheeley have chosen not to run again. M. Sheeley stated that the committee is presenting P. Lennert, I. Rosenthal and S. Bradley for consideration. Pres. Dumond asked if there were any nominations from the floor, none were presented to the group. An introduction of the three new members occurred. So moved and set. Pres. Dumond introduced Mr. W. Krattinger and Stacy Matsen Zubric of the office of State Historic Preservation. The two proceeded to give a summary of their jobs in respect to historic preservation and the Ellenville area. They spoke of the benefits and the myth of preservation. An important fact that Mr. Krattinger shared with the group was that a listing on the State and National Registry doesn’t guarantee survival! Mr. Krattinger told the group that to be eligible for a grant a municipality or a non-profit organization must own the building. A comment made by S. Zubric concerning the Hunt was that it was "ripe" to be chosen for grants and other funding. Mr. Krattinger then went on to explain that a project such as the Hunt takes commitment from all parties involved both public and private. Mr. Krattinger suggested the HMPC speak with other groups who have been or are taking on similar projects. Mayor J. Kaplan also spoke to the group stating that he is very dedicated to seeing "life" in the Village and feels the Hunt plays a key role in this. Mayor Kaplan did say he was concerned that the restrictions would hinder the marketability of the Hunt. A discussion occurred concerning the roof of the Hunt building. At this time the Mayor asked if the HMPC would help acquiring estimates for the roof repair. Pres. Dumond presented the group with a $3500. Estimate from a local roofer and that this was only a patching process. The HMPC and the Mayor agreed that the roof needed attention before the winter ended. Pres. Dumond stated that she was pleased with the discussion that has occurred and reminded all that maintenance is the best form of preservation. Pres. Dumond then announced the members of the HMPC and thanked all for attending stating that she felt more the turnout was more than expected. Motion to adjourn, I. Friedman-Warner/B. Hoff.