Setting-Up Your Web Site
Step by Step


Here's How KRYO.COM Can Help You Establish a Smart Web Presence:

1. Name Selection: We help you choose short, memorable Site/Domain Names.
2. Registration: We do a name-availability search, and then apply for your official Domain Name.
3. Storage: We provide a fast, secure, service-rich location for your new Web Presence.
4. Design: We construct and maintain a lean, content-rich Web Site.
5. Source Content: We build upon text and graphic material you may already have.
6. Payment: We offer affordable options best suited to your needs.
7. Contact Us Now! We're ready to start!



If you neither want nor require a unique Domain Name (such as, we can provide you with a Web Presence at , or at several other domains, at once. As there is no need to do an availability search for your name and then register it, your costs will be less, too. You'll also have greater flexibility in choosing your name... you may even select a Site name someone else has officially registered! For small or new groups, or for individuals, this approach may be adequate.

However, most businesses and organizations want the prestige and memorability of a registered Domain Name. We can help you select the best name for you, and then register it. Since you will control the exclusive world-wide rights to that name (for as long as you pay the annual registration fee), you'll want to select it with care, and register it quickly, before someone else claims that name and you must settle for something less ideal! Even if you are not yet ready to build your Web Site, we can register your Domain Name and Park it on our Server, at reduced cost, until you wish to make a Web Site accessible.

Registered Domain Names must have a minimum of two characters and a maximum of 67 characters (including the suffix). You can use any combination of the 26 letters in the English alphabet, numbers from 0 to 9 and the "-" (dash) character (though the dash can't begin or end the name). No spaces, periods (.), or underscores (_), or other characters are allowed. Letters are treated as lower case; no upper/lower case distinction can be made in the name. No profanity or use of any name protected by a trademark may be incorporated in a domain name. Names should be as short as possible (certainly less than 16 characters, whenever feasible), to make them easier to remember and type correctly.

An extension of ".com" may be used for business or personal domains. An extension of ".org" may be used for non-profit entities, ".net" for internet related entities, though these restrictions have been relaxed in recent years. Two extensions that are still quite restricted are ".gov" for governmental entities, and ".edu" for legitimate educational institutions. New domain extensions -- ".biz" ".info" ".name" ".us" etc. -- have also become available, and some of them are useful where the ".com" choice no longer is available. Also, although it costs extra, tying up as many of these extensions as possible is one way to prevent others from getting your chosen name.

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The basic cost to simply search and register each Domain Name is now $25. This includes a one-year Domain Name registration fee and set-up fee. Each subsequent year will require an additional $15 per year per Domain Name. We will bill you these initial fees as soon as the Domain Name is officially registered.

Once registered, the Domain Name is transferable to any Web Host or Service Provider, should that become necessary in the future. The transfer cost may vary ($0 to $50), depending on the Provider. Barring any dispute about the name itself (from someone who may have a registered trademark use of the same name) the name is yours to use... as long as you continue to pay the yearly fee. If you wish, we can register your domain AND include a web host at the same time; prices vary, depending on the size of the site and various features you may wish to include.

For initial registration, we (Kryolux Inc) will be listed as the Administrative and Billing Contact; the Web Host will be listed as Technical Contact. Should you require or request, at a later date, to have more "hands-on" responsibility for your Sites, the contact names can be transferred to you, or someone else you choose. Such transfers are free within the registration period, but the process may take a week or two to complete.

*** For each Site to register we will need the following info:

a) The Official Name of the Organization/Corporation/Business/Individual
b) Street Address
c) City
d) State
e) Postal/Zip Code
f) Country
g) Telephone
h) Fax
i) Valid primary e-mail address
j) Person in charge of decisions

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One can register Domain Names without necessarily being ready to put up a page on the Internet, although one must have a potential Server committed to accepting them. To establish an actual Web Presence requires a Site be created and stored somewhere on the Web. Simple personal Sites can usually be set up with a local ISP (Internet Service Provider). But they are limited in size and features, as a rule, and are not usually available to commercial use except at higher cost, if at all.

For that reason, we propose storing these new Domains on a Web Host Server (WHS). All a WHS does is provide storage for the files that make up the Web Site, plus offer useful integrated features such as e-mail, daily viewer statistics, forms, auto-responders. They do not design or manage the actual Web Site pages; that's what we will do as a WSP (Web Site Provider).

You will still need to have a local ISP as your on-ramp to the Internet. Whether MSN, AOL, RoadRunner, Verizon, or an independent Provider, figure $10-20 per month for 20 hours to unlimited access on a dial-up modem, or $29 per month and up for high-speed cable or DSL. You only need one of these ISP accounts, even with a dozen domains on the web, or multiple computers at multiple locations; just make sure it's always a local call to the ISP or that your area is serviced by a cable or DSL provider. That way you can see your Web Site, and other people's Sites, and get and send e-mail. E-mail that goes to your Web Site can be picked up with an e-mail program that logs onto the Web Site, or it can be transferred to any other e-mail address, most logically to that of your local ISP.

To actually lease space on the WHS is not that expensive, about $15-25 per month per site, depending on the space needed, frequency of "hits," and megabytes of data transferred each month. By ganging multiple Sites under one umbrella on the WHS, we can secure a better per-site rate. Using our "virtual" domain (e.g., on the WHS as the "virtual server" for your pages adds no additional cost per site, IF you'd be willing to be found at This may be OK for a startup situation, or where the status of having a distinct Domain Name is not as critical, since a Domain Name can always be registered and transferred to the WHS later.

Having your own Domain Name now ( or will cost about $10 extra per month, making you a "virtual sub-domain" at our umbrella site. Figure about $30 per month per site. This is a very favorable rate for a commercial or organization Site with the available features you can have.

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A local ISP or WHS will not design, produce, test, promote, update, manage, expand, or worry about you Site. And YOU don't really want to do that stuff, either. That's where we come in.

If you check out the prices for these services, you will see they vary based on complexity, number of pages, and other factors. Typical hourly fees for Web Site design may be $50 or more. An average (and you're not average!) Web Site may cost $300 per page to produce and service. Add more graphics, animations, sounds, music, Java applets, Shockwaves, etc., and the cost goes up. Usually, a 6-month or 1-year maintenance service is included in the original fee, unless major overhauls are requested.

According to "Internet World" magazine (3/97) "A basic but professionally designed corporate site could be created for as little as $5,000. But you could also pay anywhere from two to 20 times that amount. Factoring in the cost of content updating and maintenance can easily add 50 percent to 100 percent to the budget. That is why it's so important to define your objectives at the outset."

We don't think a viable Web Site Presence should cost that much, even at today's prices! Many (perhaps most) Sites today are overblown and over-gimmicked; they are often ugly, slow-to-load, bogged-down with useless frills, and frustrating to muddle through. After checking-out many hundreds of Sites of all types, very few appear worth the time it took to go there and look around.

The ideal Web Site is:

  • information-rich, with useful text and relevant images only
  • simple-to-navigate, with consistent, uncluttered layout and clear choices
  • fast-loading, with high "signal-to-noise" ratio
  • benefit-oriented, focussing on the viewer/customer's needs and interests

When you keep it simple, direct, and useful you can get a lean, less-costly Site with greater return on investment.

That's what we aim for.

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Based on what you want the Site to do--sell, inform, gather data, communicate with members/customers/prospects, etc.--we can come up with an outline and preliminary page layouts. If you have some ideas for headlines, text, images, etc., suggest them. If there are existing Sites you like, and think would be a good model for yours, give us the URL addresses to check out.

*** To develop a comprehensive Web Presence, we will probably need source material to work with:

a) we can take already-digitized images off your computer, if you e-mail them to us as an attached file (JPEG, GIF, etc. But try to keep size under 50K each).
b) we can grab images you like, in most formats, already placed on the web (copyright permitting, of course).
c) we can scan printed color and b&w images up to 8 1/2 by 14".
d) we can scan and optically-read most typed or printed text directly to computer without re-keyboarding.
e) we can grab and digitize individual frames from TV or videotape, or take instant video pictures (live or tape, color or b&w) of any object or person and put them in the computer IMMEDIATELY, without waiting for film to be developed and printed!

Primarily what we offer, however, is editing and re-editing of written source material for greatest clarity and impact, PLUS fresh, crisp writing of new material to tie everything together.

*** To best assess your needs and the potential work required, please forward for review available printed text and graphic matter for each prospective Site.

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There are three ways to do this:

a) We ( can keep track of hours and expenses and bill monthly. Although some tasks are more creative and skill-demanding than others, an overall rate of about $30-40 per intensive hour would be about right to estimate with.

b) We can bill by the proposed "page" or Site. After reviewing the needs and goals of your Web Site Presence, we can propose an outline of what is recommended you go with. After agreeing on the scope of work, we can quote the job, with or without included maintenance for a set time period.

c) We can set up a monthly retainer, based on a reasonable amount of time and availability devoted to working on your behalf in a variety of capacities. Sort of like being on your staff, without the headaches. Negotiable and reviewable, based on expectations and results.

We look forward to working with you on this project and are ready to get started!

Let us work together!

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*** To get the ball rolling, please do the following at once:

  1. e-mail or fax us confirmation of a first and second choice domain name for each Site requested (#1).
  2. e-mail or fax us the needed registration information asked for in #2.
  3. e-mail or fax us any ideas or suggestions for content and forward all available written and graphic material we can adapt for the Sites (#5).
  4. e-mail or phone us with your thoughts about payment options(#6).

Webmaster: Steven Krulick
E-mail to:
Phone or Fax: 845-647-2868
Mail to: KRYO.COM, 27 Hickory St, Ellenville NY 12428

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